Releasing 2021 Sustainability Report

ESG issues, circular economy model and transparent communication to stakeholders confirm Limonta's commitment

Releasing 2021 Sustainability Report

According to its corporate vision, Limonta presented its second Sustainability Report, covering the three-year period 2019-2020-2021.
Unveiled internally to all corporate functions in recent weeks during the #beLimonta day, it was accompanied by training sessions on the topics covered, thus enhancing awareness and knowledge among employees.
2021 Sustainability Report demonstrates the commitment to integrating ESG issues into all business aspects and presents the strategic goals and improvement plan for the near future.
The proper use of resources, environmental protection, respect for human rights and ethical work rules, with a focus on the local community, territory and people are the main topics of the document.
Measuring, reducing, recovering, innovating, including, and communicating are the principles that tell Limonta's sustainability strategy.
The company measures atmospheric emissions, energy and water consumption, and the amount of waste. It is committed to the reduction of production resources used and recovers raw materials as much as possible, favouring the purchase of recycled and bio-sourced ones and encouraging recycling and upcycling projects. Sustainability also comes through the innovation of processes to ensure a sustainable and certified offering within all production divisions. Indeed, to date Limonta adheres to 10 international certifications and standards that guarantee product sustainability (GRS, CSI, BCI, OEKO TEX, ZDHC, FSC MIX, VEGAN, GREENGUARD, USDA and SEAQUAL). In addition, it's promoted the inclusion of people, who are the driving force and beating heart of the company that looks at diversity as an added value. Finally, direct and transparent communication becomes central for a company with strong local roots in the national and international scene.
Animating the project was the creativity of Marco Romano Goran, a multi-awarded Italian illustrator who collaborated with The New York Times and The New Yorker, among others.
Goran envisioned Limonta's world and principles of sustainability, designing the industrious production chain around a single large reel of fabric, which runs through all manufacturing stages.
Also new is the section, which invites the user to dive in and interact to discover Limonta's strategic sustainability points.
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