Plain fabrics, jacquard and print are the three souls of the clothing division. Differing in terms of production needs, they are united by research and the development of unique projects.

The united division offers products for the world of sportswear and casualwear. It is a constantly evolving sector that is always avantgarde: both in terms of experimentation and the use of original, technical, and high-performance yarns, and in terms of research and the application of innovative ennoblement, with which it creates increasingly sustainable collections. The entire supply chain is characterized by this commitment: from the use of green chemistry to hi-tech yarns from varying origins (bio-based, recycled, biodegradable and natural). Here too, in all stages of ennoblement, respect for people and the environment is our first objective.

In the Jacquard division, technology is fundamental: we have 48 latest generation looms, mostly full field, capable of drawing at very high definition across the full width.

In addition, an entire sample room with 10 machines is dedicated solely to the study of new articles and small samples, to allow for an immediate exchange of samples and feedback with our customers.

For the world of technical sportswear and outerwear, we produce fancy fabrics with a wide range of structures and compositions and a particular focus on the world of sustainable and recycled fibers. Finally, ennoblement is carried out using all of the technologies and finishes available to us. Everything here is managed internally: from the project management, to the design and creation of the technical jacquard file. This is our signature: speed in development, quality fabrics and the absolute exclusivity of designs.

With the entry into the digital market, the latest addition is the printing division, which concentrates on technical printing on coatings, rubbers, and all products with technical finishes.

Thanks to the technological expertise of our ink-jet printing plant, equipped to print on nylon, digital print, and fabric, we can offer exclusive services in this field as well. The trademark? Customization, speed, and maximum production flexibility. In addition, the know-how and experience of the group's textile and chemical divisions contribute to the preparation and development of special fabrics, allowing us to stand out with original and innovative proposals.

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