The watchword for this business unit is "multi-functionality": here, production diversification is natural, and the versatility of the solutions found allows us to approach countless products with awareness and competence. Bags, of course, but also all the other leather goods, such as wallets, suitcases, belts and accessories.

In this universe of possibilities and solutions, all operations, from the initial design and throughout the processing and production phases, are managed in-house. In this sense, the completeness of the technological solutions made available to our customers is unparalleled, as is our ability to offer truly noble fabrics.

Right from the outset of any project we think of the fabric according to its specific end use. This is the tailor made of Limonta: the ability to always respond in an innovative, proactive, and professional manner, while harnessing the talent that allows us to stimulate the creative process together with each and every stylist.

This holistic approach derives from centuries of experience and our constant search for new solutions in terms of production processes and substances, allowing nothing to be left to chance.

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