Sustainable products

Sustainable products

We guarantee that our finished products are fully compliant with REACH rules and international regulations.

In Limonta we have:

  • Photovoltaic plants that, on average, contribute every year to reduce the emissions in the environment of 1,110 tons of CO2, equivalent to planting 2,709 trees.
  • A natural gas trigeneration plant that produces electricity, thermal and cooling energies, ensuring a significant reduction in the use of primary energy and in CO2 emissions.
  • A distillation and recovery plant of organic solvents that allows the complete elimination of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
  • An industrial wastewater treatment and purification plant, that allows the reuse of the 20% of the purified water.

The Company constantly invests in production technologies with low energy impact, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Waste is recycled according to the legislation, and it is often reused or disposed of in a sustainable manner.

Bio Source products are made of bio and plant-based polymers coming from renewable sources. The crops that allow the production of biopolymers have no impact on the human and animal food chain.

In Limonta we are already using certified fibers deriving from pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials. Moreover, we aim at recycling the industrial byproducts of the end products to reduce the indiscriminate use of raw materials.

The choice of the yarns we use, such as such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool, is 100% of natural origin. It completely reflects the inherent philosophy of Limonta.

We use supports created from biodegradable yarns.

product certification


The attention to recycled material has a special place in the general corporate sustainability: for this reason, since 2017 we have obtained the GRS - Global Recycled Standard certification, applied to all polyamide, polyester and cotton fabrics produced with recycled yarns.

As clearly shown by the volumes of purchases of fabric produced with recycled material, we are following with conviction the path of the circular economy, full of potential and directed towards the future of production.

Fabrics from recycled materials:



Being sustainable and fighting waste is natural and fundamental for us since our very beginning: we are in a country that is also home for the Limonta family. Starting from this deep bond with our territory, we have always used our resources to invest in the environmental aspects of our production.