The world of footwear is vast, spanning from elegant to casual-sport sectors, right up to the more technical areas of workwear and outdoor shoes. In a company with these characteristics, experience, knowledge, and innovation must work hand in hand. Every detail here is the result of a union of creativity, passion, and stylistic research.

Thanks to our history, in the Shoes division we can produce any type of material, ranging from textiles to coated fabrics, ink-jet printing, jacquard processing, with infinite possibilities of ennoblement.

Our peculiarity has always been that of identifying trends, working with the utmost care in the search for beauty and quality with a vision that is always oriented towards the future.

The products we offer are innovative, and the relationship with our customers is based on listening to their requests and their careful interpretation with intuition and taste. In this way, thanks to the collaboration with footwear designers, unique creations can be made.

Every industrial process, of course, is ruled by our aims in terms of sustainability: the birth of our every project has as its top priority, here as in other fields, the well-being of the planet.

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