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    Emissions into the atmosphere, energy and water consumption, and the quantity of waste produced is carefully measured in all stages of processing, constantly monitoring our performances with KPIs defined according to reporting principles referred in the international GRI standards.This monitoring operation is, for the entire Group, the starting point both for the definition of goals to reduce environmental impact and for the creation of a sustainability roadmap.

    Material Issues

    • Economic performance
    • Product quality, safety and performances
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    We are well aware that the goal of sustainable consumption and production is “to do more and better with less”, increasing the benefits in terms of wellbeing, by reducing the use of resources throughout the entire productive cycle. For this reason we are committed to reducing and recovering as much as possible.

    Material Issues

    • Reduction of environmental impacts
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    avoided thanks to our photovoltaic systems

    avoided thanks to our trigeneration plant

    of waste compared to 2019

    compared to 2019


    We believe that developing more responsible production models is not only a necessary choice, but above all, an investment for the future. We prefer to purchase recycled raw materials and we take inspiration from circular economy models preferring, whenever possible, to up-cycle our products and try to extend their life as long as possible.

    Material Issues

    • Circular Economy
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    Limonta’s goal is to develop a sustainable offer inside all corporate divisions: Fabrics and Coatings, Interiors, Wall, Society. This is done simultaneously with the certifications that Limonta has been acquiring over the years to protect the company’s immense heritage of creativity and craftsmanship, paying increasing attention to its environmental impact in every stage of production.

    Material Issues

    • Compliance with laws and regulations
    • Business Continuity
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    For us, people are a strategic resource: they are the engine and the beating hearth of the company.We promote every type of work inclusion considering diversity as an added value.

    Material Issues

    • Protection of human rights
    • Employees wellbeing
    • Health and safety in the workplace
    • Relations with local communities
    • Inclusion & Diversity
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    With almost 130 years of history, we are a company deeply rooted in its territory, which over the years has become known internationally thanks to passionate collaborators who have exported our know-how, products and experience all over the world. Today, more than ever, we are aware of how important it is for the stakeholders involved to be familiar with our activities, our philosophy, our spaces. That is why we want to share this information, also using the fastest means of communication, such as digital channels.

    Material Issues

    • Training and development of talents
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