Introducing 2020 Sustainability Report

Limonta issues its first Sustainability Report

Introducing 2020 Sustainability Report

Limonta confirms its committment to sustainability by publishing its first Sustainability Report covering the three-year period 2018-19-2, focusing on people, territory, environment, governance, processes and products.
"The decision to publish the first edition of our Sustainability Report in 2020 was a courageous choice to be authentic; to BE-Limonta. A fearless company, determined to face every challenge with the resilience and passion of a true leader" says Paolo Limonta, CEO of the Group."All production processes are inspired by the philosophy of circular economy, which is based on the concept of optimizing waste recovery".
In addition, Limonta continues to implement the most innovative energy saving methods, such as the use of high performance motors, LED lighting, and heat recovery systems.
Limonta is committed to safeguarding not only the internal environment but also the sourrounding territory, in order to integrate itself with the external community, both through the respect of legislation and regulations, and through a systematic and rigorous control.
The Company, in fact, challenges itself in achieving the so-called Best Available Techniques, the best technologies available to ensure that every kind of effluent, atmospheric emission or water discharge, is treated effectively and efficiently, protecting the environment surrounding its plants, its employees and local communities.
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