With "In-Presa" to support job placement for local young people

Limonta supports Società Cooperativa Sociale In-Presa offering a scholarship and textile material for social tailoring activities

With "In-Presa" to support job placement for local young people

Work allows to express oneself and to tell the world who one is. This awareness led Limonta to support some projects of Società Cooperativa Sociale “In-Presa”, which operates in the Brianza area, offering various types of fabrics to make bags and accessories, as well as a scholarship for the job placement of one girl.
Set up eight years ago, the tailoring workshop encourages an educational path based on teamwork among the boys and girls involved: thanks to the collaboration with companies in the sector they are motivated to create quality finished products that are then sold to the public.
Limonta fabrics have been thus used during this year to give shape to the creativity of the young people who participate in these paths, supported by volunteers and educators. The aim is to teach the meaning and dignity of work, through the opportunity to get involved in the dimension of "learning-by-doing": what is created by In-Presa is intended to be sold through charity markets or for real company orders.
Consistent with the objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility towards local communities, Limonta decided to support the job placement of one girl with a scholarship for a path within the tailoring workshop of “Casa dei Mestieri” in Giussano, opened in October 2021 (link).
For over twenty years "In-Presa" has been offering an educational place for young people that drop out of school or that are at risk of social hardship. Through workshops, training and educational courses it offers a way so that no one may get lost.

See the accessories made with Limonta fabrics.


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