The first wallpaper collection by SOCIETY Limonta

Wallpaper Collection Chapter 1 is the project born from the collaboration between Society Limonta and Limonta | Wall

The first wallpaper collection by SOCIETY Limonta

The most iconic patterns from the Limonta archives were revisited in exclusive by Limonta | Wall for the first wallpaper collection of Society Limonta.
Wallpaper Collection Chapter 1 is the project that results from the collaboration between two divisions of Limonta in which, Society's research experience on home textiles evolves into unique decorative proposals for mural surfaces by Limonta | Wall.
The new wall coverings join OLTRE Society's proposals, a collection that is continuously renewed by complementing Society's textile products with handcrafted design objects.
Starting from the centenary archive, Society selected some classical patterns, flowers and geometrical effects, that were reworked into an original color palette. The new wallpaper collection gives the opportunity to create an enveloping atmosphere, calm or unsettling, depending on the choice of the print and color scheme.
From the burned to bluish neutrals, from greens to naturals, from the powder blue to the blush rose: the new proposals of Society Limonta dress elegantly the rooms and estend Limonta’s style to the whole structure of the house.
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Styling: Beatrice Rossetti Studio Ph.: Lorenzo Pennati