SOCIETY revisits De Padova's Raffles collection

The design icon signed by Vico Magistretti is revitalized with Society's textiles

SOCIETY revisits De Padova's Raffles collection

Changing a design icon on tiptoes: there's a particular attention behind the collaboration between Society Limonta and De Padova, which breathed new life into the timeless Raffles collection, created by the hand of Vico Magistretti.
Among the silent corridors of the centenary Limonta archive the snapshots to the new Raffles collection were realized. The combination of different layers on armchairs, sofas and pouf stand out in the monumental archive, which welcomes in a rarefied atmosphere the collaboration between Society and De Padova.
Keeping in mind the initial idea, the new Raffles collection is upholstered by the soft Society Limonta's fabric called Dress, that gives a contemporary touch to the whole seating set. This new collection makeover is a tribute to quality and color that fully expresses Vico Magistretti's minimal style.
The elegance of the designer, simple but never mundane, was visual and tactile inspiration in the choice of materials: a solid-color frosted cotton satin is combined with tweed and jaspé.
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