SOCIETY Limonta presents "INCIPIT"

The capsule collection for the Lovers’ Day

SOCIETY Limonta presents "INCIPIT"

A runner that becomes the protagonist of the scene and invites to rediscover the pleasure of relationship, gesture, interaction: the "INCIPIT" project by Storie Design Studio for OLTRE Society - Design collection was born. The collection developed to create Design objects that complete the textile collections of Society.
INCIPIT is the beginning of a story like many others: the runner is unrolled on the table, the dishes are placed, the candle is lit up. The rhythm is marked by the sounds of bread being cut, the bottle being uncorked and wine being poured, while gazes meet and eyes smile.
The tablecloth, silent witness of these moments, takes the floor and suggests actions, comes to life and invites people to get in the game and discover new worlds.
Conceived in four different stories, INCIPIT is a 100% linen tablecloth with two napkins attached to the ends that invite to discover the message of the tablecloth to get involved in an ironic and amusing way of communicating.
Watch the video of the campaign on Vimeo.
The INCIPIT capsule collection is available exclusively on the SOCIETY Limonta website.