A project to enhance the reuse of circular, sustainable and biophilic materials


SOCIETY Limonta's textile production leftovers were the protagonists of Semplicemente Circolare, the selection of recyclable, sustainable and biophilic materials crafted for interior design and presented at EDIT Napoli between the 7th - 9th October 2022. SOCIETY Limonta participated in the fair dedicated to editorial and author design with Monostudio Associati, which has been experimenting with a more recyclable and sustainable way of designing with the Monoferments project since 2020.
The "Oliva" tablecloth and the "Papilio Alexanor" tapestry were created thanks to the donation of SOCIETY's textile surplus. These products, together with two sets of decorative tiles and some floor samples, form a collection of recycled materials designed for the catering world.
Sewn by the seamstresses of Molce Atelier, a therapeutic tailoring boutique for women who have been victims of violence, the "Oliva" tablecloth is a tribute to textile artist Anni Albers. The butterfly in the “Papilio Alexanor” tapestry is a species at risk of extinction in Northern Italy, with which the architects Elisa Evaso and Luca Guglieri wanted to resemble the delicate balances linked to biodiversity.
SOCIETY shared the project and the values of Monostudio Associati, focused on the promotion of an ethical design in behaviours even before than in materials, which aim at the recyclable and local reuse of leftovers and collaboration between companies, designers, and non-profit organizations.
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Concept and project: Monostudio Associati Photo: Mario Teli Styling: Elisabetta Bongiorni