Releasing 2022 Sustainability Report

Job stability, employee training and reuse of raw materials at the heart of the company's sustainability strategy

Releasing 2022 Sustainability Report

The third Limonta Sustainability Report, covering the three-year period 2020-2021-2022, was presented in July. Like last year, the #beLimonta day was organized on several days, with internal communication and training sessions open to different corporate roles and functions, with the aim of raising awareness and informing employees on environmental, social and economic responsibility issues.
The publication of the third Sustainability Report falls in the year in which the company celebrates its 130th birthday: in 1893 Limonta was founded and began to grow with respect for the village that in its turn started growing around it, Costa Masnaga. The strong bond established between the two realities led the company to respect the environment in which it had built its production facilities, becoming a key element for the wealth and development of the local territory.
Today, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by the UN in the 2030 Agenda, Limonta has drawn up the 2022 Sustainability Report that analyzes the company impacts and the way in which they are managed. Among the most virtuous highlights in terms of social responsibility, a 240% increase in total hours dedicated to training compared to 2021 stands out; from the point of view of environmental responsibility instead, 49% of the energy consumed by the Costa Masnaga site was self-produced in 2022, this thanks to photovoltaic panels and the trigeneration plant; regarding the economic and social responsibility, it should be noted that 95% of employees are hired with permanent work contract.
Consistent with the desire to give also an artistic overtone to the corporate communication, also this year Limonta has decided to involve a new illustrator to narrate the project: for 2022 it is the multi-awarded Italian Antonio Sortino, who has interpreted the Limonta world and its principles at the basis of the #beLimonta sustainability strategy. The result is a colourful cartoon, which embodies in all its forms the industriousness and innovation that live in the company, imagined as a village where everything is connected. is new this year: in addition to the new Sustainability Report, it includes an interactive archive where you can see the reports of previous years.
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