Presented Altera, the animal-free collection tannery processed

Previewed at Lineapelle, the line will be available for the different sectors of the luxury world

Presented Altera, the animal-free collection tannery processed

Tradition and innovation meet in Altera, the new line of products for the luxury world, that combines sustainable textile bases, recycled or derived from renewable sources, with the most modern tanning techniques. Altera carries in the root of its name its being "alter", that is other, alternative to the known traditional materials.
The new material is the result of the collaboration between Limonta's 130 years of industrial history and the know-how of an important Italian tanning group. Altera uses a patented and sustainable production process, with a reduced environmental impact compared to the technologies normally used.
The line, presented in panels at the last edition of Lineapelle (Rho Fiera Milano, 19 – 21 September), is characterised by a variety of materials, ranging from fabrics with abrasive or nappa effect, to the brushed, metallic and varnished ones. Like many Limonta creations, Altera will be available for the footwear, accessories, clothing, furniture and automotive sectors. Its artisanal and manufacturing scent matches the collection's palette, where classic winter colours are expressed in bright and refined shades, with vivid and deep effects.
With Altera, a new animal-free family of articles by Limonta is born, in which innovation and collaboration meet as it happens in nature with cross-pollination: the interaction and exchange of ideas between different production companies can lead, in fact, to cutting-edge solutions. It is precisely through the concept of "cross-pollination" that Limonta has decided to present this new product, telling its story in the presentation video.
“Cross-pollination is the best way to integrate new ideas with existing knowledge. Their fusion is the path to generate innovation and overcome the limits of today. This is where creativity meet transformation, this is the highest expression of the human spirit. History has taught us, since the dawn of man, it’s the only way new ideas come into being. It’s the power of resilience turning into evolution. It happens also in industry, it’s called cross-pollination. It’s a synergy of expertise between different fields, it’s the harbinger of progress. This is the secret to being the best. Luxury, innovation, and sustainability. This is Altera. A new era.”


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