Joint Venture with Modern Meadow

Introducing “BioFabbrica”

Joint Venture with Modern Meadow

Limonta | 1893 announces the formation of “BioFabbrica LLC”, the innovative Joint Venture created with Modern Meadow, an American biotechnology company leader in biofabrication. The partnership combines Limonta's industrial capacity and heritage craftsmanship with Modern Meadow's scientific expertise. Initially, this partnership accelerates market-ready coating technology that can deliver high performance and unique functionality with improved sustainability.
“Limonta has remained relevant for over 130 years due to our commitment to providing our world-class customers with best-in-class material solutions” declares CEO Paolo Limonta. “We consider ourselves creative and curious integrators, blending old world craftsmanship, leading edge processes, and innovative ingredients, to provide our customers with enduring iconic products” continues the CEO. “In the past, our work has focused on supporting our customers’ top demands in terms of creativity and product durability. Now, with this partnership, it is time for us to help accelerate the adoption of desirable materials that have a lower environmental impact, without compromising aesthetics and technical performance”.
Together, the two companies are distinguished by offering materials innovation and transparency in a journey from the laboratory to the customer and the brand.
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