Limonta was founded in 1893 in Costamasnaga, a locality that neighbours with Como and so forms part of an area claiming one of Europe's longest surviving textile traditions. Initial manufacturing operations were directed at hangings and jacquard cloths, products that at once earned Limonta distinction through the elevated standards of their workmanship.

The early decades of this century were a period of diversification as the company - market-orientated even at this early stage - extended its range to include gobelin tapestries, matelassé fabrics, a variety of jacquard weaves, and velvet. In the process it acquired a general know-how in textile manufacturing craft that is impressive for its breadth and variety and which remains to this day one of its great strengths.

The 1950s saw a significant advance in the scale of operations, driven by a strategy change in favour of enhancing fabric quality through textile finishing processes. The effect was that Limonta won recognition as a company that set standards in the area of specialist fabrics, specially processed or otherwise, for use in widely differing sectors - clothing, leather goods, footwear, and furnishing fabrics. At the same time it retained its skills in processing, modifying, and enhancing textile products without ever impairing their naturally inherent qualities.

Since that strategy shift the company has followed a smooth progression marked by a succession of openings in various segments of the clothing market (from fabrics for rainwear, through super-light cotton for casual clothing, to sham-silk nylon). In this way Limonta continues to confirm its know-how and to develop it still further.

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